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SoftWash Roof and Gutter Cleaners

We Specialize In Low Pressure Roof And Gutter Cleaning For Up To 3 Years Of Moss Protection!



Your roof is your first layer of protection against the outside elements, and keeping it in a clean condition will keep your roof last longer...


Regularly cleaning out your interior and exterior gutters is important to make sure they are flowing properly to avoid overflow, mold, paint damage, and increase curb appeal...


Tired of looking out of dirty windows or streaks? Our window washing system filters the hose water to eliminate all the chemicals that cause streaking and marks...


With our SoftWash solution system, we make sure to eliminate all moss, mold, and algae on your driveway or deck for the cleanest looking, something regular water cannot do...


Moss, mold, algae, and lichen destroys your house paint over time. We pressure wash the siding and soffits, which removes all dust, dirt and cobwebs simultaneously...

Roof Debris Blowout

Your roof may need a complete debris blowout to get rid of all the unwanted branches, leaves, and pines that might cause mold to form underneath, decreasing the life of your roof.


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"We had them come out and clean our gutters recently. They did an exceptional job! The employees are super nice and easy to work with. Everything was done as we wanted to, and more. Also at a really affordable price."

Josef Nazarchuk

This company is very professional, hard working and even cleaned up afterwards. We had our roof and gutters cleaned. David went way beyond our expectations. It looks BRAND NEW. Also the price was extremely reasonable. I was so pleased I asked if he had time to do the deck. WOW. I didn’t think it was possible to get it cleaned. I have 2 large dogs running back and forth across the deck dragging mud.
For us this was a great HOLIDAY GIFT AND MONEY VERY WELL SPENT. YOU CANNOT GO WRONG with this company.”

Terry Jensen

“Just hired this company to clean my roof and gutters and they did an excellent job. They showed up right on time when they said they would and when they gave me an estimate they stuck to it, unlike some places that will give you a low estimate and then charge much higher. They even gave me a discount on gutter cleaning and sprayed off some moss on my sidings as well, complimentary. The before and after photos they provide really show the quality they put into their work and I think it’s great how they take time to show you how well they cleaned with photos, especially since they are cleaning areas that are not easily accessible for the homeowner to check themselves. Overall I would recommend this company, they do a great job and you can tell they really do have integrity.”

Joshua Gore

“Vaedim did the roof cleaning yesterday and he did an awesome job. Looks new and beautiful to look at. He cleaned all the debris from the roof after he finished. I recommend this company to anyone, they can do the job and they do other services too. Definitely will call them back.”

Ana Flores

SoftWash Roof Cleaning

The biggest problems for roofs in WA are moss, mold, algae, and lichen. Our SoftWash solution system is designed to eliminate all the roof growth with safe, low pressure, and least damaging methods to protect your roof and extend its life!

Pressure Washing

Everyone wants to pull up to a new, clean driveway to their beautiful home. With our SoftWash solution system, we make sure to elimate all moss, mold, and algae on your driveway for the cleanest looking, something regular water cannot do.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer interior and exterior gutter and downspot cleaning. Whether you are trying to increase your curb appeal or protect your gutter’s paint, our SoftWash solution system will eliminate all exterior mold. Or if your gutters and downspots are clogged with debris, we can help.

Siding Cleaning

Looking for a full exterior house shampoo? This is what our SoftWash solution siding cleaning does. We apply our solution to eliminate all the growth on your siding to restore your home to its original, new state.

Window/skylight cleaning

Nobody likes looking out of their window and seeing dirt, streaks, and dust. We like to see the beautiful PNW nature. Our exterior window cleaning method filters out all chemicals found in hose water to leave your windows dirt, streak, and dust free.

Roof Blowout

Whether a storm just hit or you have trees around your house, your roof may need a complete debris blowout to get rid of all the unwanted branches, leaves, and pines. If the debris is not removed, this will cause mold to form underneath, which will decrease the life of your roof.

Roof Cleaner Kent


Have you noticed black streaks or stains on the shingle roofing of your home near Kent, WA? Do you have patches or clumps of moss taking over your Kent roof? Our roof cleaner services at One Stop Home Service is just what your Kent home needs for roof washing and roof moss removal. We provide the Kent region with reliable, professional service to meet all of your needs from a roof cleaner.

If you have done a search for a roof cleaner near me, you will find many roof cleaner options throughout Kent. Our roof cleaner uses a method of softwash roof cleaning that can safely remove all traces of algae and dirt from the roof of your home near Kent.

Noticeable benefits of our roof cleaner services for your home near Kent include:

  • Restores look of your roof
  • Increases curb appeal
  • Prolongs roof life
  • Maintains Kent home value
  • Extends roof life

To learn more about our roof cleaner and how to get your Kent roof looking like new, call One Stop Home Service today.

(206) 339-6133

Roof Cleaners Kent


One important aspect of roof maintenance is that of roof cleaning. Staining on the roof of your home near Kent can decrease the curb appeal of your home. It can also lead to roof damage. For these reasons, you need our roof cleaners to come help you.

You can extend the service life of your Kent roof with services from our roof cleaners. Our roof cleaners do not brush, scrape or power wash your Kent roof. Instead, we use a gentle soft wash cleaning system that exerts no pressure on the roof of your home near Kent.

Our roof cleaners will treat the cause of the need for the roof cleaning without harming your Kent roof. We offer Kent and it’s surrounding communities with:

  • Softwash roof cleaning
  • Roof blowout
  • Moss removal
  • Residential roof cleaning

To schedule our roof cleaners for your Kent home, call One Stop Home Service now.

(206) 339-6133

Residential Roof Cleaning Kent


If your Kent roof requires residential roof cleaning, contact us today. Our roof cleaners will get it clean and looking new again with our residential roof cleaning service. When you have residential roof cleaning done on your Kent roof, we will eliminate unappealing roof stains and make your Kent roof look like new again.

Our Kent residential roof cleaning team uses low-pressure to remove moss, fungi, mildew and dirt without damaging the roofing material. Our softwash residential roof cleaning technique keeps water from being forced behind the siding. We can provide upfront pricing for our residential roof cleaning that will help you make the best decision based on your budget.

We provide Kent with the following services from our roof cleaners:

  • Shingles residential roof cleaning
  • Roof tiles residential roof cleaning
  • Slate residential roof cleaning
  • Metal roofing residential roof cleaning
  • Solar tiles residential roof cleaning

Restore your roof with residential roof cleaning. Call One Stop Home Service today for the cleaning of your roof near Kent.

(206) 339-6133

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