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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for soft wash to work?

SoftWash, a liquid solution treatment, kills all growth on the roof within 30 minutes of application.

Does roof cleaning need scaffolding?

It depends on the roof, but scaffoldings are one way to access roofs. We can also use other methods such as ropes, ladders, or even a cherry picker.

How can I hire a roof cleaner in Puyallup, WA? 

You can contact us through this form. You may also call us at (206) 454- 0180.

I prefer deep cleaning, should I choose soft wash for my roof?

Yes. As mentioned above, SoftWash will kill all growth on the roof, meaning you will have a very clean roof when we’re through. Our method also ensures that we will not damage your roof in any way. 

My house is in Tacoma, WA, How long will it take for your team to clean my roof? 

The time needed to clean your roof will depend on the condition of the roof, what kind of dirt and buildup is there, the weather conditions, and so on. It would be best to contact us and give us more details so we can give you a more accurate response.

What are these black stains on my roof?

The black stains can either be algae, mold, or both.

After servicing my house in Puyallup, WA, Will I notice an immediate difference in my roof?

Definitely! Check out our customers’ reviews!

I want to maintain the cleanliness of my roof, can I hire you? 

Yes. We offer maintenance plans that can be about gutter cleaning, roof moss maintenance, exterior window cleaning, and even plans that can be customized for any services that you need.

Our plans include no contact service, automatic billing, and preset schedules, all for your convenience.

Feel free to contact us to learn more!

Can I hire you to do softwash roof cleaning in the rain? 

It will depend on the type of rain. If light, it might be possible. If it’s hard, steady, rain, it might be better to reschedule. Contact us to know more about our rescheduling options.

What is the best way to clean my roof in Puyallup?

In fact, this method is the recommended one by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America and The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

How do I remove moss on my roof safely?

The first thing you should never do if you plan to DIY is to not pressure wash your roof. You might end up damaging your shingles if you use too much pressure.

Next, you should have the following materials:

-A ladder
-A garden hose
-A soft-bristled, long-handled brush
-A pair of safety goggles
-A pair of rubber gloves
-Any moss killing solution 

The first thing you should do is spray the moss killing solution all over your roof. Make sure to spray in a downward direction. Leave the solution on for around thirty minutes to make sure the moss dies.

After that, get your brush with soft bristles and manually remove all the moss. Finally, wash off your roof.

Of course, the easier option is to hire a professional like us!

How do I remove roof moss in an environmentally friendly way?

If you’re worried about harming the environment when it comes to removing moss, don’t worry, as you will be able to pick from plenty of eco-friendly moss removal solutions. For example, look if the solution has potassium salts of fatty acids or ammonium salts of fatty acids since they are low-hazard ingredients.

Should I pressure wash my roof?

This is not recommended, since you might end up damaging your shingles with high-pressure washing.

When does roof moss start to grow and can it damage my roof?

Moss grows because of moisture, meaning they thrive around autumn to winter.

And yes, moisture can damage your roof. When there’s too much moss, it can become something heavy across your roof, which can affect your roof structurally. Roof mold can also cause rodents and other creatures to either live on your roof or use your roof as materials for their nests.

Moss growth can creep under shingles, tiles, and so on, which will cause holes in your roof.

Finally, moss can cause you to slip if ever you’re walking on your roof.

How do I prevent moss growth on my roof?

Here’s the thing about moss: they love moist and shady conditions. You can reduce their growth by removing tree branches that shade your roof. You can also remove leaves, pine needles, or fallen branches that cause shade. 

For a more long-term solution, you can try installing metallic zinc strips on your roof. They slow or even altogether stop the growth of moss for plenty of years.

What type of roof cleaning services do you provide?

We do SoftWash roof cleaning, roof gutter cleaning, roof debris blowout, and skylight cleaning.

How much does it cost for Puyallup Roof cleaning?

The cost of professional roof cleaning in Puyallup, WA will depend on your roof size, and how dirty your roof is. But on a general average, expect to pay from $250 to $500.

How often do I need to clean my roof?

It’s better to have it done at least once a year. If in your particular area you experience plenty of weather changes, it’s better to have it done twice a year.

How long does it take to clean the roof?

It depends on how big your roof is, how dirty it is, and what kind of cleaning will be needed.

Why choose our roof cleaners in Tacoma?

There are plenty of reasons, such as:

We give you quotes that don’t change on the day of the service;
Our prices are very reasonable;
Our employees are super nice and easy to work with;
We value efficiency;

And so much more! Check out our customers’ reviews!

What if only parts of my roof are dirty?

It’s best to have your whole roof cleaned just the same to achieve a nice, even finish of your roof. 

Do you use high pressure?

Yes, but not on your roof. We use it to clean your driveway, your walls, and your deck.

Will washing hurt my roof?

If you use the regular high-pressure wash, then yes. But our SoftWash methodology will ensure your roof doesn’t get damaged.

What about my landscaping and surrounding area?

Yes, pressure washing can hurt your plants and surrounding areas. Strong water can damage plants. And if you use chemicals in your wash, these chemicals may affect your plants, especially if they’re not environmentally friendly.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we have licensed roof cleaners.

How can I be assured you’ll do a good job?

One Stop Home Services is a company that prides itself on being on time, respectful, and most of all, finishing the job as promised. We always stay true to our full promise of efficiency! Plus, check out our glowing reviews from all our previous happy customers!

What do you use to clean roofs?

For our cleaning methodology, we first apply SoftWash on your roof. Once any growth is dead, we use low-pressure washers to remove the moss from the roof shingles. 

For roof gutter cleaning, we use professional-grade vacuums, blowers, and more. 

For more information, please feel free to contact us.