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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof cleaning will help keep your house looking its best and prevent unwanted moss and algae growth. Moreover, roof cleaning will help increase your home’s monetary value.

We highly recommend seeking the help of professional roof cleaners to ensure your safety and to save time on the task. 

We recommend having someone at your property while we render our service.

We can give you a free quotation by filling out our online contact form

Cleaning your windows before it rains will actually help keep them clean. This is because rainwater tends to push debris and dust in different directions, leaving your windows even dirtier than usual.

We make sure to always finish the tasks we have started. Our gutter-cleaning process involves both the interior and exterior, as well as downspots. We use SoftWash solution as well to prevent any damage. 

Certainly, this will help prolong the lifespan of your gutters.

Window panes contain a sheet of glass per window frame.

Absolutely, especially if your shingles have softened over time or under certain conditions. This is why it is not recommended to walk over your roof, unless completely necessary.

The black stains are algae of a specific type called gloeocaspa magma. 

Animals or the wind cause moss and algae growth.

Currently, we only offer roof cleaning and roof debris blowout, but we can help recommend our contacts in the industry.

You can call us at (206) 454-0180 or fill out our online contact form.

On average, roof cleaning can cost between $300 – $610. For more accurate and personalized pricing, you can reach out to us by phone or our online contact form and get a free estimate quotation!

We still recommend getting a full roof cleaning service.

We use our SoftWash solution system to effectively clean your roof without incurring any damage.

It won’t as long as you use a SoftWash solution system. 

We will make sure that your landscape and surrounding area are kept safe during our roof cleaning process. 

We request areas for cleaning to be kept clean and free of any distractions.

Rest assured that you can leave the work to us while you go about your daily routine.

Moss growth can pose some damaging effects on your roof and water drainage.

On top of our roof cleaning service, we also offer the following cleaning services for your siding, gutters, and windows. We also have a roof debris blowout to get rid of all the unwanted leaves, branches, and pines stuck on your roof.

Absolutely, we make sure to use safe cleaning solutions.

We recommend it at least once a year.

Our professional cleaners use our SoftWash Solution system, where low-pressurized water along with a liquid solution is utilized.

The roof cleaning process can take about 2-5 hours.

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Want to keep your Puyallup roof clean and make it look like new? It’s easy with One Stop Home Services. We use a system called SoftWash, a liquid solution-treatment that kills all growth on the roof and gives it up to three years of moss protection. We then use low-pressure water to remove the moss without damaging your shingles. It’s one of the safest and most effective ways to clean your roof. Contact us today for a quote!